Monthly Archives: December 2010

Amway: An Equal-Opportunity Business

In the mail today, amongst all the fun holiday cards and photos, we got the latest copy of Achieve Magazine, Amway’s quarterly trade publication. Inside was page after page highlighting the “Women of Amway.” As an Amway Independent Business Owner (IBO)…

Amway Australia…You GET It.

This video from Amway Australia captures in two minutes how social media (new powerful technology) supercharges word of mouth (old powerful idea).

Adults Say The Darndest Things to Moms of Twins

This two-minute video sums up every idiotic or inappropriate question or comment complete strangers have said to me…well, almost. I think my “favorite” was when a lady YELLED, across the street, as I am strolling my infants, minding my own business, “DO…