Amway, Co-Sponsor of ‘We Day,’ Empowers Teens to Make Impact

We Day Amway WWDBWhat do you call 15,000 dreamers in a room who have the freedom to exercise their right to be loud and proud?

If you said, “An Amway convention,” that’s understandable. Over the years, Independent Business Owners building their own Amway businesses have developed a reputation for demonstrating as much excitement about their futures as other people do for their favorite sports team.

With World Wide DreamBuilders (WWDB), I’ve been part of such crowds at conferences like Free Enterprise Days and Spring Leadership.

But in this instance, that “room full of dreamers” line is a description of We Day provided by Canadian Craig Kielburger. Along with his older brother, Marc, he founded the event six years ago.

We Day empowers young people to do no less than change the world. It’s about as lofty a goal as you can imagine, but the truth of the matter is that it’s attainable. In fact, since its debut, the movement has surely changed personal worlds many times over—through the encouraged, inspired and empowered lives of the thousands of teens who have been touched by it.

By ourselves, we can’t do much. But collectively, we can move mountains. Since the Amway business works similarly, it is fitting that Amway, in tandem with Microsoft, is co-sponsor of We Day Seattle, the first We Day held in the United States.

Here is a video of a past We Day event. What a lineup of speakers! Magic Johnson, Richard Branson, Al Gore, Mia Farrow, Martin Sheen and on and on:

But We Day is so much more than just one day; it’s a springboard for a year of actions focused on social change.

How much are tickets? Well, you can’t buy your way into the event. Instead, you’ve got to earn it through service.

Amway We DayAs a co-sponsor, Amway devotes significant chunks of time and money to We Day.

And the company is going a step beyond, offering 50 We Day tickets to children of Amway North America IBOs as well as to one parent of each of those children. Included in the package: Amway is paying for airfare and accommodations to the March 27th event in Seattle, as well as offering a leadership workshop afterwards.

Act fast. Amway IBO kids, between the ages of 13 and 18, have until 11:59 p.m. (Eastern Time) on Friday, Feb. 1st to submit an essay of 150 words or less about their volunteer efforts.

To enter and for more information from Amway’s Tanios Viviani, President of the Americas, visit

And to learn more about We Day, visit

Here’s an inspirational look at how this movement started, when Marc was just 12 years old, and the impact it has had—first in Canada and now globally:




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