Amway Scores Big By Becoming Sponsor of NCAA College Football Poll

Amway AFCA Coaches TrophyI am not a football fan, though I realize it’s very popular overall in the United States. More than 100 million people see the Super Bowl, making it something like a national holiday. Whether you care for the game or not, there can be no doubt that you’ll know about the Super Bowl for days and weeks beforehand.

So even though the sport doesn’t appeal to me personally, for multiple reasons, I recognize that Amway becoming the presenting sponsor of the American Football Coaches’ Association Poll is a significant development.

The Top 25 NCAA football rankings come out every week, starting before the season starts and lasting all the way through the bowl games. That is a span of more than four months, with continual debates and discussions about which teams are overrated, which ones are underrated and what might happen to a team’s ranking if they win this particular game or lose that one.

In the middle of all of that will be the Amway name. It represents a huge branding triumph that comes on top of a variety of other branding outreaches in the sports world, from Amway Arena in Orlando to the Amway Business Center at Citi Field.

One of the tie-ins with college football is that plenty of Division I football players have gone on to become Independent Business Owners (IBOs), including several Northwestern University Wildcats who have been active Amway  IBOs for many years in the organization developed by me and my husband.

Throughout World Wide Group, the  larger training organization of which we are a part, there are a number of other former NCAA athletes, including Tracey Eaton, a former NFL player, and his wife, Kimberly, a former distance runner in college, who have been Diamond IBOs for nearly 10 years.

Amway Coaches Poll USA Today

The prominent placement of the Amway name within such an All-American passion (well, “obsession” is more like it in some people’s cases) means that those who use outdated, innuendo-style words like “secretive” to describe the corporation look all the more foolish.

Amway’s name is so prevalent in mainstream media, and it is branding in so many corners of the media, with this AFCA coup representing only the latest example.

In addition, Amway has created the Amway Fan Poll, which, according to, “will offer a side-by-side analysis for fans to rank their top teams against the coaches top teams. The Amway Fan Poll will be promoted on the website, article page links about the Amway Coaches’ Poll, and social channels to drive consumers to vote for their perfect Top 25.”

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