Candidate, WWDB’s Brad Duncan Both Reflect ‘The Go-Getter’ Spirit

Go-Getter Blue VaserIn my community, there’s a fascinating election coming up that will determine who is our next village president.

What makes it so intriguing is that the two candidates, both of whom appear to be good, upstanding men,  could not be more different.

One is a longtime “insider” who has built up a resume that includes park district director, interim village manager and village trustee. In other words, on paper, he fits the mold of what you might expect in a candidate.

The other is a classic “outsider”—no political experience whatsoever. Instead, he is a longtime restaurant owner, including one in our town that has been a big success.

When he first announced his candidacy, I thought it strange. Didn’t he know that he had to pay his dues and serve in some lesser capacity before being a serious village president candidate?

Over the past month of this dynamic race, though, I have been much more impressed with the quality of this second candidate’s campaign. While the “insider” seems to be content to preserve the status quo, the “outsider” speaks from the heart about leadership and has inspired people to want to become involved.

He also has clearly done his homework and challenges governmental business-as-usual as he takes aim at many important issues, such as the escalating tax burden on residents.

Most of all, I am struck by his go-getter attitude. Sure, he has gaps in his experience and, if elected, would face a steep learning curve on certain aspects of the job. But with his mindset and determination to get things done, those are just details, not derailments.

When I think of this man, what comes to mind is a book that I read years ago, from the World Wide DreamBuilders (WWDB) book list: The Go-Getter.

Written by Peter Kyne, The Go-Getter is a great tale of a war veteran and amputee, William Peck, who overcomes a variety of outrageous obstacles to deliver a blue vase to an individual. As it turns out, rather than being some cruel plot, it’s a test of his resourcefulness and resolve to see if he is qualified for a job.

To be a “blue vaser” is to be someone who stops at nothing to accomplish a task.

Brad Duncan, Amway Crown & WWDB Leader

Brad Duncan, Amway Crown & WWDB Leader

Brad Duncan, an Amway Crown and one of World Wide DreamBuilders’ (WWDB) top leaders, has often cited The Go-Getter as a great illustration of what you can achieve if you put all your mind, heart and soul into a cause.

Brad and his wife, Julie, embody that kind of relentless spirit, and it’s what has made them some of WWDB’s most sought-after speakers, teachers and motivators.

So, on the local political scene, as we approach the election in 11 days, I am somewhat amused by those critics who point to the go-getter candidate’s lack of government experience as evidence that he wouldn’t know how to do the job or how to solve problems.

That’s a massive misunderstanding of what’s at the heart of go-getters like him. They possess what is truly important—the mentality to figure it out and get the job done, one way or another…or another…or another.

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