Capturing ‘Goodbye’ Moment Creates One Memory,Triggers Another

Unit 202-Thanks for the memories

Yesterday, an hour before we were to be at the title company to close on our former home, we thought we’d stop by and say, “Goodbye.” I brought my camera, not exactly knowing what I’d take photos of, since it was a completely empty space. But I recognized that this was a significant moment, so wanted to be prepared.

Standing in the space that had served as our living room, I saw my husband on the landing, framed by the door. It was the shot I wanted, so I asked him to turn away and give me a goodbye wave. Next up was me, and then our children, repeating the gesture.

Rather than a simple status update, I like communicating with my Facebook friends via images. So while looking at all the photos I took, trying to decide which one would best capture the moment, I saw not any one image, but the series of shots that came out of the moment when I saw my husband on the threshold.

The result was the above “piece of art.”

This morning, as I took another look at it, it seemed so familiar. I dug out our wedding album (we were married less than two months prior to moving in to our old home) and turned to the last page….

1994-last photo from wedding

The similarities make me smile even more at yesterday’s photos.

How do you capture meaningful moments in your life? Through the written word? Photos? Drawings? Video?

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