Continuing to Find My Voice

Last night we went to a book release event for my aunt. I am so excited for her! Her first book is a compilation of writing exercises to facilitate even novice writers in getting their memoirs on paper.

Her book, Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Stories: 167 Ways to Write Your Life Story by Carol LaChapelle, sold out last night. So I haven’t been able to read it yet, though I did see a few pages. Guess being a niece didn’t give me enough clout. 🙂

(Note: The book is listed with a publishing date of September 1st, but it is available to order/buy now.)

Acey’s (Aunt Carol’s) “fan base” overtook the small bookstore, and it occurred to me that her book has been a work in progress for over 20 years.

I went last night to support Acey. Nothing more, nothing less. But after hearing the handful of people read their stories which appear in the book as examples of the fruits of the exercises, I realized that this book is deeper and more meaningful that I ever imagined. I caught her vision.

Matt and I became a part of the journey back in 1992, when we were paying participants of a private writing workshop. It was very private. Just the three of us. All great accomplishments have humble beginnings. 😉

I’ve never been comfortable with writing. Not even today. And as I reflect on last night, I cannot deny Acey’s influence on me and my writing. Her love for the written word, her passion for “ordinary” people’s stories and her tenacity in getting them told, has brought me to this point, in this moment, as I type these words, on this “page”.

Thank you Acey. I love you. I am so proud of you.

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