Dean & Marcie Whalen Spring Ahead As New WWDB Diamonds

Dean Marcie Whalen WWDBSeven years ago, Dean and Marcie Whalen attended World Wide DreamBuilders Spring Leadership as guests.

This year, for WWDB Spring Leadership 2013, they will be speaking as new Amway Diamonds.

If Spring Leadership were just about a bunch of head knowledge, then that information could be typed up on a few sheets of paper and emailed across the continent. It would save everyone a lot of time, money, and energy.

But that’s not how life works, whatever you may be pursuing. Association is a powerful force and it’s revealing that in her talk at last year’s Spring Leadership, Marcie took the time to detail the “family tree” of those who paved the way for her and Dean.

The names of those whose organizations led to the Whalens’ organization include Leslie Wolgamott, Brad and Julie Duncan, Greg and Laurie Duncan, Dave Severn and Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear.

Dean Whalen captures it well when he says,  “Just like music, which goes straight to your heart, major functions are like music–they go straight to your heart.”

At Spring Leadership last year, Dean talked about their passion to go beyond “short bursts of freedom” and to experience “the ultimate long weekend” through the Amway business opportunity partnered with the mentorship of World Wide DreamBuilders.

That long weekend promises to get even longer for this couple who have inspired so many Amway IBOs, particularly those in World Wide DreamBuilders throughout Canada.

Congratulations, Dean and Marcie!

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