Exposing Anna Banana, Fiction Behind ‘Married To An Ambot’

One of the sad facts about the world today is that being outrageously negative and inappropriate can prove to be a quick and easy path to attracting attention.

This is especially true on the Internet, and it’s certainly true of an individual who dubbed herself “Anna Banana” two years ago when she created a blog called “Married to An Ambot.”

She began ranting about how much she hated her former sponsor and others in the Amway business—specifically those who were in her “upline” in the World Wide DreamBuilders (WWDB) organization.

And she hasn’t stopped since, racking up more than 400 rambling, profanity-filled posts in that time.

Based on the sheer volume of Anna Banana’s rants, and her cynical attempts to draw people to her site, there’s little doubt that she has been on a mission to hurt Amway and those attempting to build their own businesses.

Before tonight, I’ve hardly ever visited the site, finding it to be so over-the-top crude and ridiculous as to not merit my time.

Besides, it’s obvious that Anna Banana doesn’t speak from any significant business experience, so her posts are histrionic fiction that I found not only boorish, but boring.

To anyone who has spent even a little time attending business meetings and working to build an Amway business, Anna lacks credibility.

She repeatedly makes vague claims about how terrible people and experiences related to Amway were at some unspecified previous timeframe. And she attributes quotes to her sponsor and others that are laughably far-fetched.

So why am I giving Anna Banana attention now?

It’s because David Steadson, the creator of The Truth About Amway, devoted attention to Anna—in a big way—yesterday. Or, I should say, he turned the spotlight on the identity of the Canadian woman who is behind Anna: Cheryl Rhodes of Cloverdale, British Columbia.

Photo credit: RKay of the Independents

Steadson’s outing of Ms. Rhodes here, came despite the great lengths she has taken to hide her identity. Could that be at least partly due to the fact that she and her husband, filed a class-action lawsuit against Amway in October of 2009?

(By the way, it was among the lamest class-actions in history, going from two plaintiffs to one before being tossed out of court.)

As I wrote last month, Steadson also recently provided a detailed history of his unmasking of the man who has used the “Joecool” handle to make wild and unfounded accusations about WWDB, Amway and leading Independent Business Owners (IBOs).

I appreciate Steadson’s efforts in exposing “Joecool” and, now that he’s peeled back the banana, the person we now know to be Ms. Rhodes.

Doing so now allows everyone who comes across their claims to do the one thing that can never be done too much, particularly when you’re dealing with anonymous communications: consider the source.

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6 comments for “Exposing Anna Banana, Fiction Behind ‘Married To An Ambot’

  1. rocket
    August 25, 2012 at 10:30 am

    But is it fiction as your title suggests? From what I’ve read on there, it is profanity laced, it is negative, and it does not put Amway in a good light.

    But they are perceptions and opinions, and her husband’s upline may have contributed to those thoughts.

    But are they false?

    • Bridgett
      August 25, 2012 at 11:36 am

      Yes, they are.
      Cheryl outright lies on a regular basis.
      And on the occasions when what Cheryl writes could have a kernel of truth, she then distorts, twists and perverts that truth. When one does that, that’s called lying.

  2. Bridgett
    August 25, 2012 at 11:48 am

    The whole premise of her blog is one big fabrication. A fictional piece of writing. While Cheryl claims to be a writer, she shows great laziness in her character development and storyline. Hence why I find her stuff quite boring.
    Those reading her blog, and particularly those who wish to thoughtfully comment, need to know that doing so, is the equivalent of talking to Mickey Mouse. Anna Banana is as real as Mickey Mouse.
    The issue I have is that Cheryl is passing this fictional writing off as non-fiction. Every one of her writings, including the “anonymous” comments, needs to be seen in such light.

  3. Aali
    August 14, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Thanks for writing this Bridgett.

    I am an Amway IBO and I love this business. I am associated with WWDB. I am not a robot. I do have interests and hobbies outside of this business. I’m not biased, if you can find me something better, please do, but this is the best opportunity I’ve seen so far. My upline are the most incredible people I’ve ever met. They are honest, full of integrity and accountability, and they teach their downline to care about people and family first and business second. This crap about them forcing stuff down IBOs throats and “brainwashing” them just makes me shake my head. I have never once felt like they have disrespected me or given me bad advice. We have definitely disagreed, but with respect for each other we agree to disagree. We don’t push this business on anyone- quite frankly, we don’t really care if you ‘get in’ or not, it’s on to the next person for me. We use this opportunity to serve upon other people at their level with what they need- whether that’s with products or opportunity or simply “no thank you none of this is for me”!

    A friend of mine (who is my client- she’s been to meetings with me and has decided it’s just not for her- WHICH IS PERFECTLY OKAY!) discovered Cheryl’s website yesterday and being the awesome gal she is she started questioning her. Gave facts instead of opinion. Questioned the legitimacy of what she was saying and questioned her background. She showed me the conversation later and she was very polite. She got slander back- swearing and cussing her out. Would you walk up to a stranger in the street having a conversation and start swearing at them? Unbelievable.

    So my friend came here. Saw this site with all the information of who this crazy woman is. She went back to Cheryl’s site and started questioning her again. As far as I know she called her out on everything she said (that’s the power of education, folks- if there’s no fact to it then it’s just a difference of opinion and educated people know that)and she used Cheryl’s name when questioning her on what legitimacy she had. Sure enough her posts were deleted and replaced with a big long post from Cheryl about how “the writer and moderator are two different people” and the writer had been victim of a cyberstalker last year and she didn’t know if my friend was the cyberstalker but she better not come back unless she wanted to be investigated by the police!!! She called me at this point to tell me what a joke this was, and she politely responded to Cheryl explaining that it had taken a quick google search to find her and all of her information and that she needed to understand that if she is going to post slander and lies she’s going to piss some people off and she’s going to get found out and “that is nobody’s fault but yours.” See, friends stand by friends even if they don’t want to do their business. Yay Katie!

    This woman is a complete and total fraud. She hides behind an online persona clearly because she just wants to abuse people. She probably is nothing like this in real life. I have no idea what must be going on in her marriage or her life to make her say such foul lies and be so abusive to people with differing experiences or opinions but I can speculate that it’s not going well in real life for her so she takes to the internet because it’s the only way she can garner attention. I’m betting her husband doesn’t even know about this blog and if he did, boy would things be different!

    Let me make one thing clear- if you have had a bad experience with an Amway IBO, I am sorry. Clearly they have not been duplicating what the leaders are teaching and they are definitely f***ing things up for those of us running a professional and legitimate business. There are TONS of stories like this that I have already heard, and it sucks because it gives those of us doing this properly a bad name. However, you do not have the right to go an LIE about your experiences. No. It’s a free country and you can give facts and opinions but SLANDER AND LIBEL ARE ILLEGAL. So if you have had a bad experience please recognize that you have a problem with the IBO in question and NOT Amway or WWWDB. You do not have the right to lie and exaggerate about your experience for attention. Instead of posting like a maniac all day about “real life experiences” that you’ve probably written yourself, perhaps you should go back and fix the crisis in your home and marriage before taking to the internet. That would solve the problem, instead of leaving you needing to attack the symptoms to a bunch of people you don’t know.

    On a different note- Anyone know how to go about sueing this b****? Slander is illegal in Canada, and I’m definitely not a lawyer but I’m sick of hearing this BS. I doubt that Amway would bother wasting their time but if they wanted to they could probably take this and wipe her off the face of the plant.

    We are having an epidemic of bullying online and cyberstalking and yet look at what kind of example the adults are setting… come on now people.

    OH AND- to all the naysayers and Ambot haters- I am downline from an 18 year old girl who is on the cusp of leaving her job and going platinum with a $60,000 residual ongoing income. What makes you so special that you can’t outdo an “uneducated” 18 year old girl?

  4. Brad McCoy
    November 16, 2013 at 8:55 am

    I thought you were going to write about the real fiction behind Anna Banana. She has two sites going that she makes money off of. One that you refer to, and another where she is a reformed Amway wife who sees that her negativity was unfounded.

    A little research goes a long way. Wish you’d done some.

    • Bridgett
      November 16, 2013 at 11:40 am

      Hi Brad, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I am aware of Cheryl’s other site. This particular post that you are commenting on is 15 months ago. Cheryl started her other site after this blog post was written. I chose not update this post, or to write a new one about her, as I agree with you that a little research goes a long way. In addition, there is no need to give her more attention that she so desperately craves. I haven’t visited anything Cheryl has penned since I wrote this blog post, and I inform folks of the dangers of such visits, in my blog post, “An Open Letter To All Amway IBOs” …. http://accordingtobridgett.com/protect-your-attitude-business-an-open-letter-to-all-amway-ibos/
      Again, thanks for stopping by.

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