For Amway WWDB Leaders, Legacy Businesses Are Earned, Not Given


Before becoming associated with the Amway business and World Wide DreamBuilders (WWG), the only time I ever heard discussion of the word was when someone rushing my college sorority would be referred to as a “leg.”

That was an abbreviated version of “legacy,” meaning the young woman’s mother or another close relative had been a member of the sorority.

We had to treat legacies with the highest degree of respect, regardless of their character and their quality as a person. They had to be nothing short of a menace to society not to receive a “bid” to join our sorority.

In contrast, the grown children of Amway leaders aren’t just handed their parents’ large, thriving Amway businesses, simply because of their last name.

The corporation will not allow an heir to “inherit” an Amway business unless that heir demonstrates they are capable of running such a business. It’s one thing to build a large business. But it’s a whole other thing to hold it together, and to grow even more.

Some “kids” have spent their entire lives around the Amway business, as parents like Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear, Theron and Darlene Nelsen, and Terry and Linda Felber have actively involved their children in their businesses from a very young age.

Now as they are all well into their adult years, this next generation doesn’t just know the mechanics of the Amway business, but they have developed the necessary attitudes, leadership skills and a heart for this business.

This isn’t just a matter of mom and dad passing on a baton to someone who, as in my sorority’s practice, receives that “legacy” by default.

Ryder and Nicole Erickson epitomize the accomplished background of this “next generation” group. When the Nelsens launched their Amway business in 1976, Nicole wasn’t even born yet.

In the early 2000s, Nicole and Ryder brought their own business to the Emerald level as they flourished as effective leaders.

In addition, Jim and Kelly Puryear, as well as David and Jaimee Felber, have achieved success in their own right. Each has built their own Amway business to at least the Platinum level, which puts them in the top 1 percent of Independent Business Owners.

In January 2014, at World Wide Group’s (WWDB) Dream Nights, for the first time, these three legacy businesses will continue to pass on the torch as they pair up to speak at those events.

WWG DreamnightAlthough considered a major conference such as Spring Leaderships, Family Reunions in the summer and Free Enterprise Days in the fall, Dream Nights are more intimate talks designed to inspire IBOs to envision the fruition of their own goals and dreams.

In the Montana cities of Missoula and Billings, as well as Richland and Spokane in Washington, the four Puryears will be sharing the stage. Ron and Georgia Lee are Founders Crowns.

In Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Philadelphia, Pa., Richmond, Va., and Ann Arbor, Michigan, the Felbers, longtime Double Diamonds, will be speaking along with David and Jaimee.

And in Bellevue, Wash. as well as Vancouver, B.C., the Nelsens, who are Executive Diamonds, will be joined by the Ericksons.

With a solid foundation that goes back decades for each of these next-generation couples, I anticipate nothing but continued success for them and their respective organizations.

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