Free Enterprise Days Help WWDB Add Vital ‘Support’ to Success Recipe

WhatLeadsToSuccessHow would you boil down the ingredients that make up success? What would go in your recipe?

One of my favorite talks on success is by a man named Richard St. John who does that very thing. At a 2005 TED conference in Monterey, Calif., he distills 500 interviews over seven years of research into a three-minute presentation that cuts through so much to give the bottom line on the elements of success.

St. John’s points—“the big eight things,” as he puts it—are all spot-on. However, his talk does not mention one key principle that is so often missing in these recipes for success: SUPPORT.

By “support,” I do not mean providing more information to consume. Seventeen different ways of saying the same thing, packaged in a dozen different formats.

I’m talking about accountability from another person or other people.

Most people understand, and abide by, “forced discipline,” in which external factors and forces do the work of keeping us on track. Attend class or flunk out of school; show up at work or get fired—that sort of thing.

Much rarer are those who possess self-discipline. As a result, helping another person stay accountable to his or her goals is a time-consuming endeavor. It is much easier to write a book, give a talk, hold a seminar, than it is to actively mentor someone.

That is why an organization like World Wide DreamBuilders (WWDB) plays such a strategic role for people who are building Amway businesses. In addition to providing those tools I just mentioned, WWDB provides an environment for individuals to mentor others to the point that those mentees, in turn, can become mentors.

It all adds up to a culture that emphasizes and rewards support, both micro, in the form of 1-on-1 coaching, to the macro, in the form of conferences such as WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2013, which is coming up in three locations:

Free Enterprise graphic-WWDB

September 27–29, 2013 in Irvine, California at the Bren Events Center, 100 Mesa Road.

October 4–6, 2013 in Denver, Colorado at the Crowne Plaza DIA, 1550 E. 40th Ave.

October 11-13, 2013 in Portland, Oregon at Portland Memorial Coliseum, 300 N. Winning Way.

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