In Support of EQUIP Leadership, WWDB Displays Power in Its Own Numbers

There is power in numbers, as the saying goes.

And it doesn’t even have to be a big number—the number one will do.

Any individual has the potential to create lots of good through the impact he or she has on any number of others. And each of those people, in turn, can continue the chain reaction so that the influence expands well beyond what would have been possible for the first individual alone.

That same principle of duplication—of teaching a man to fish instead of merely giving him a fish—is at the heart of what Independent Business Owners (IBOs) do in building the Amway business.

It’s about leaders helping others to become leaders, so it was natural for World Wide DreamBuilders, an organization within Amway, to forge a relationship with author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell more than 10 years ago. Since then, he has become a regular speaker at annual WWDB Spring Leaderships.

Seven years ago, IBOs at those WWDB conferences began supporting EQUIP Leadership, a non-profit organization that Maxwell founded in 1996.

Equip Graphic

From the EQUIP Leadership website, an illustration that succinctly captures its “leaders impacting leaders” focus.

Since then, the organization has raised more than $1.5 million for EQUIP, including about $240,000 this past spring at Spring Leaderships in Las Vegas, Denver, Honolulu, Washington, D.C., Spokane, Minneapolis and Calgary.

EQUIP uses a variety of tools and resources to help develop leaders across the globe. So far, it has trained millions of people in 174 countries.

The giving at business conferences is entirely optional—just as every aspect of the Amway business is a choice, from whether to become an IBO in the first place to how much effort to invest in growing an organization of IBOs and retail customers.

Along the way, WWDB has truly been worldwide in its reach by providing financial backing for EQUIP’s efforts in places like Guatemala and Haiti.

With Ron and Georgia Lee Puryear setting the tone as strong backers of Maxwell and EQUIP, WWDB and its thousands of IBOs have demonstrated the power that comes from its own numbers.

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