Deftly Shows `Why We’re All TED Heads’

As a way of emphasizing his passionate belief that we all ought to view ourselves as lifelong learners, my husband sometimes remarks that he’s in 39th grade.

That is, he is 27 years beyond his senior year of high school–traditionally when we Americans stop referring to our education in numerical terms.

So that means I’m in 38th grade, I suppose.

What’s helped me become so convicted of this principle of lifelong learning is the recognition that no matter how much we have learned, there is always still so much more room for growth.

Plus, I have been struck by the fact that we have had such a wide range of classrooms. In recent years, we have benefited from the absolute explosion of online learning. One of the most inspiring and informative sources has been

By no means, is it the only game in town. One alternative resource is the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Among other things, the RSA has outstanding animated shorts that boil down great insights in brief bursts of time.

Because I have shared so many TED videos via social media platforms, I’m surprised when I still encounter bright and motivated people who say they’ve not yet heard of it. (I suppose that goes to show just how many quality outlets and options there are out there.)

On that note, recently I came across something created by an excellent summary of TED’s rising impact and influence across the globe.

Whether this whole TED thing is news to you or the website has long been a regular destination for you, here is a helpful graphic which colorfully charts the course of how it has become the most popular lecture series:



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