Preseason Amway Coaches Poll Kicks Off Marketing Coup for Company

Amway Coaches Poll-USA Today SportsBack in February, I wrote about Amway becoming the presenting sponsor of the American Football Coaches’ Association Poll and how it represented a very substantial marketing development for the Ada, Michigan-based corporation.

Now that the first poll is upon us, with the USA Today website counting down the seconds to the preseason poll’s announcement today at Noon, Eastern Time, the significance is starting to materialize.

Yesterday, USA Today published a story that needed only five words before mentioning Amway’s name.

Very shortly, the water cooler discussions will begin about where college teams are ranked, including debates over whether those rankings are too high or too low for any given school.

Those discussions will last for more than five months, through the first week of 2015, after the bowl games are played. That’s a clever way for Amway to remind people of its 55-year history—and that it’s still going strong. And part of its success can be traced to accomplished athletes, such as former NFL player Tracey Eaton, channeling their energy into the company’s business model.

Along with his wife, Kimberly, Tracey Eaton has been an Amway Diamond IBO for almost a decade working in the World Wide Group training organization.

Amway coaches poll snippet

One final note: alongside the story on USA Today’s website about the preseason poll coming out shortly is a link to Amway’s “start a business” page. So just as the season gets under way, people can get their own business started.

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