Control of Your Time: Priceless

Growing up, I never played on a sports team. I pursued the arts at a young age, mostly acting.

In that world, you want your parents to show up only at the performances. Coming to rehearsals, beyond dropping off and picking up, is a no-no that will quickly earn you a reputation as a meddlesome “stage mom” or “stage dad.”

But when my husband began helping coach the kids in soccer two years ago and volunteering as head coach for basketball last year, it was entirely different. Having their daddy at their practices is a highlight of my kids’ week.

Because he is self-employed and has a flexible work schedule, that hands-on support is one of the gifts he is able to provide not only our children, but other parents’ children.

That kind of holistic approach to life is one of the things that attracted me to World Wide DreamBuilders (WWDB) and its leaders.

While some folks like to use their financial resources to buy more stuff, I’ve learned from folks who put a high value on time. The idea being that the first priority with an increase of cash could be to “buy back your time.”

Don’t get me wrong. I like nice things. But seeing WWDB Diamonds actively live out this priority, has influenced the way my family and I have shaped our daily life.

Howie Danzik, an Amway Executive Diamond with World Wide DreamBuilders, coaches his two sons’ traveling baseball team in Colorado. An excellent high school pitcher in his own right, Howie says that his sons, Isaiah, 13, and Gabriel, 12, are even better than he was at their age.

Of course, they both benefit from the fact that their Dad has been coaching them the past five years, and that his business, powered by Amway, allows him control of his schedule. As a result, he is on hand to coach all 50 games that Isaiah and Gabriel—and their nine other teammates—play throughout the season.

My husband coaching our son’s basketball team.

The in-depth involvement fulfills a vision Howie had when his Amway business succeeded to the point that he walked away, at age 28, in 1993 from a career in sports medicine/physical therapy.

I don’t come from the athletic world, so 50 games seems like a lot to me.  But perhaps the more time we gain back as a family, the clearer I’ll be able to see the possibilities, and the bigger my passion for such things as sports will grow.

Sometimes you don’t even know what you’d enjoy until you first see someone else living that particular dream.

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3 comments for “Control of Your Time: Priceless

  1. Ben
    July 31, 2012 at 4:02 am

    Thanks Bridgett, this is exactly why I continue to build my Amway business. Also, the last Family Reunion I attended reminded me how much involvement in the company and WWDB can change a person’s life for the better.

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