World Wide Group’s Enduring Impact: Cultivating a Persevering Mindset

Battlefield of the MindSuccess is less about changing what you do, and much more about changing who you are.”
-Bill Hawkins, Amway Diamond and World Wide Group leader, at Spring Leadership 2013

Over the course of my life, I have been blessed to have been around many different people who have excelled in various facets of their lives: academic, spiritual, interpersonal, athletic and artistic.

All have influenced and inspired me to varying degrees, shaping who I am today. And the one place where I have learned not just the importance of perseverance, but how to persevere, has been World Wide Group. The teachings of people like Amway Diamond Bill Hawkins have been instrumental in my cultivating a mindset that can be applied to any area of life–not just in building an Amway business.

I just finished working on an HBO project down in Miami. When the offer to work on Ballers came in mid-December, the bitterly cold weather had already arrived in Chicago, so it was easy (with my family’s support) to say “yes.”

That’s where the easy part ended, and the hard part began. In fact, it was by far the hardest show I have ever done—and that covers dozens of projects over more than 25 years working on TV shows and movies.

It was the perfect storm: the sheer volume of the cast, the crew and the extras, the fast-paced shooting schedule, HBO’s unique union contracts, and the State of Florida documentation requirements.

Working on various projects over my career, I have developed extensive knowledge that has spurred on more advanced skills.

But on this HBO project I would have surely failed if I relied solely on those traits.

Every time I felt defeated—and that was an almost-daily occurrence—I would summon the discipline that I have developed so much over the years that it has now become a habit. And at the center of that discipline was getting a firm grip on my thought process. More than a few times on the show, a feeling of dread would come over me: “Oh no…I can’t do this.”

But, just as quickly, because of my training with World Wide Group, my next thought would be, “Yes, I can. I’m going to figure this out.”

It was not some feel-good, Pollyanna “everything will work out” sentiment. But it was a confident resolve, in the face of complexity, that I would be able to think creatively, tap into some “possibility thinking” and, step by step, begin the process of solving this next puzzle in my path.

That part of my makeup—of not giving up when I have every “right” to do so—is directly attributable to the impact of World Wide Group’s training on my life. As Bill Hawkins said in the same Spring Leadership talk quoted above:

“The most important thing you learn in this business is how you respond to situations that come into your life.”

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