WWDB Book Recommendation: Success! The Glenn Bland Method

Success The Glenn Bland Method WWDB Book ListI had intended to finish this post on New Year’s Day.

So there you have it: it’s getting done two days past my original self-imposed deadline.

But that’s the thing—it was a date that only I had in mind. Whatever value offered here, however it may contribute to a given reader’s life, isn’t diminished by the fact that it comes about 48 hours later than the timeline that had been in my head.

But how often do we give up before we even get started? If things don’t happen in a picture-perfect way that we had mapped out, emotional beings that we are, there’s a tendency to let our good intentions suffer a premature death.

For example, it’s fascinating to see how much pressure—external and, as I’ve noted already, internal—that is placed on the first day of the year “to get things done.”

There’s a self-recriminating tendency to regard ourselves as failures right from the start if, before the sun goes down on January 1st, we haven’t set a goal, started to achieve it and are actually able to point to measurable progress.

In some cases, that mindset is a smokescreen for not really wanting to pay the price necessary to achieve a goal, be it in our physical fitness, our finances, our relationships or some other area that we say is important to us. We can talk the talk, but we really don’t’ want to go through the labor of walking the walk.

But for those who sincerely want to accomplish something, the encouraging reality is that any day can be your very own January 1st. That principle of drawing the line and getting started from whatever point where you find yourself is one of the great teachings that I have gained from Success! The Glenn Bland Method.

The book was first published in 1972 and at some point thereafter was selected by the leaders of World Wide DreamBuilders for its recommended book list.

It has been on the WWDB book list for decades,  and recommended at conferences like the ongoing 2013 Dream Night events, with good reason. It’s the only goal-setting book I’ve read that takes the whole person–all aspects of their life–into account.

Too often I see people achieving goals at the expense of other important arenas in their life. This neglect then negatively affects whatever area or areas of victory that they have attained.

The very first page of the book sets the tone:

“The foundation of success: Direction, balance, belief.

The definition of success: ‘Success is the progressive realization of predetermined, worthwhile goals, stabilized with balance and purified by belief.’”

Note: My copy is from 1972, the price was $4.99, and it has 175 pages. Now Tyndale publishes the book, the last printing was in 2010, the price is $12.99 and it has 214 pages.

The extra pages are not due to any changes in Glenn’s writings, but some insertion of Scripture and a chapter in the back of the book, behind the Bibliography of Suggested Reading, entitled “How to Know Jesus Personally.”

Understandably, since they are a Christian publisher.

But if you are not a follower of Jesus Christ, or interested in becoming one, don’t let the Bible verses and that extra chapter freak you out or stop you from reading this excellent book.

After 40 years, its seven principles of lasting success, in the four major areas of a person’s life, are as current and helpful as ever.

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