WWDB’s Greg Duncan: ‘Even When the Possibility is 1%, Give It 100% Effort’

Possibility-originalWe all have parts of our life where we possess a greater capacity for “possibility thinking.”

On the strength of possibility thinking, Oracle Team USA just made an historic comeback to win the America’s Cup yacht race.

Referring to that triumph, Amway Triple Diamond Greg Duncan in a recent training within the World Wide DreamBuilders (WWDB) organization made some excellent points about the difference between possibility thinking and what he called “probability thinking.”

With “probability thinking,” we calculate the likelihood of something happening and when it’s not very high, are more prone to give up than give it our all. Greg urged people to practice “possibility thinking” and described what that translates into, in terms of action.

“Even when the possibility is 1%, you’ve got to give it a 100% effort…” Greg said. “When we give our possibilities the effort that is equal to the probability, we will never win and we don’t deserve to win.”

“Even though the probability is against you, as long as there’s a possibility, you’ve got to put your heart and soul in to it.”

“Great leaders don’t let the probabilities rule their lives, like most people, who give up when they’re a fourth of the way there because the probability is that they aren’t going to make it.”

Relationships, particularly with my husband and children, are important to me and I’m currently struggling with parenting my son. Greg’s words resonate deeply with me, because I know that I have slowly become disheartened and allowed probability thinking to seep into my mind.

The result has been a dilution of my possibility thinking. The other day, facing another trying moment with my son, I caught myself thinking, dejectedly, “Why bother?”

Right there, in that moment, I gave up on our relationship. I gave up because I was focusing on the probability—rather than the possibility—of him maturing any time soon into a kind-hearted person.

Yes, ultimately it is my son’s choice to be what he chooses to be. But I need to take responsibility and own up to my part. And with Greg’s words echoing in my mind, I re-dedicate myself to choose to think and to act like a possibility thinker.

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2 comments for “WWDB’s Greg Duncan: ‘Even When the Possibility is 1%, Give It 100% Effort’

  1. rocket
    October 1, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    Ah, you weren’t giving up on the relationship, you were experiencing frustration.

    That’s OK to do.

    Kids make it hard sometimes. Cut yourself some slack. There are no perfect people, only perfect aspirations.

    As a father of 3, I can assure you that what you did and how you felt is normal, and how your son was acting, while frustrating, is absolutely normal.

    I can tell you take being a mother seriously. I always take solace in the fact that my children are at a point in their life that I will recall fondly, and I try to make it as great for them as it was for me. I pissed off my parents too.

    Now that I’m hitting 40 within the next couple years and with my 18 year old already moved out on her own and pursuing her dreams, I try to cherish the frustration. There comes a point where you miss it.

    Hang in there. I’m sure you’re not screwing up that bad!

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